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Nutrition supplement for pet birds and carrier pigeons Frucht-mash is a world-wide unique innovative product designed to increase the vitality and performance of pet birds and carrier pigeons.
624 CZK
Supplement for cage birds, carrier pigeons, terrarium animals, small rodents, and pet rabbits The special composition of Immun-o-flash® can have a positive effect on the metabolism, boosting the…
618 CZK
Palm oil
Palmgloss® 100ml
Natural food supplement for ornamental birds and pets with essential fatty acids, carotene and natural vitamin E.
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500 CZK
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Ac-i-prim with Lactobacillus acidophilus is the successor to the legendary PT-12.
614 CZK
Emeraid Intensive Care Carnivore®
Emeraid IC Carnivore provides an easily absorbable and highly digestible balance of proteins, fats, plus simple carbohydrates for energy.
588 CZK
Emeraid Intensive Care Herbivore®
Emeraid Intensive Care Herbivore® is a high fiber, semi-elemental diet designed to meet the needs of the critically ill herbivore.
588 CZK
Emeraid Intensive Care Omnivore®
Diet designed for the critically ill omnivore.
588 CZK
Emeraid Intensive Care Piscivore®
The first semi-elemental diet designed for the critically-ill fish eater.
588 CZK
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