Ac-i-prim with Lactobacillus acidophilus is the successor to the legendary PT-12. More information
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Ac-i-prim embodies everything which set the precursor product apart impressively. Over 15 years of experience with lactobacilli in the pharmaceutical sector has resulted in an infinite knowledge base. re-scha®
applied this knowledge to the entire manufacturing process for this new product. The high quality standards of re-scha® and its clients is reflected in this new probiotic animal supplement. Compliance with the
declared count of live lactobacilli was of utmost importance to us. The external GMP laboratory re-scha® has been using successfully for years monitors key production steps. Naturally the product comes in a package which allows proper storage. re-scha® has spared no cost or efforts here.

This specific l. acidophilus was not chosen by chance.

Ac-i-prim only contains a probiotic bacterial strain. As the saying goes, “too many cooks spoil the broth”, different species of bacteria can hinder their effectiveness. lt’s extremely difficult to find different species of bacteria for a probiotic which work together well. And this lacidophilus doesn’t come in capsules. What good does it do the user or the animal, if the capsule shell doesn’t open until after the intestinal passage? The risk is too great. In addition, a probiotic loses a number of valuable live germs inside capsules.

This said lactobacillus is a special isolate from one species frequently found in the small intestines of the target animal species. Among other things it’s also able to populate exposed intestinal receptors. Several extensive studies required for EU approval showed it can considerably improve the health [speak vitality) of the animals. Using Ac-i-prim is primarily aimed at reducing antibiotic use. From dealing with the predecessor we know that lactobacilli are not only able to encourage the metabolic rate tremendously, but can also help the body synthesis nutrients which can’t be delivered artificially. I explained the effect lactobacilli have on pathogens (=undesirable germs) in previous publications at great length.

L. acidophilus shows no resistance to antibiotics, so Ac-i-prim always needs to be used again after using antibiotics. Lactobacilli resistant to antibiotics are not approved in the EU.


Using Ac-i-prim for the target animal species:

Ac-i-prim is ideally administered with feed. It helps using “Frutin” by re-scha® as a binding agent. So, none of the valuable bacterial substance will be lost and it even provides the lactobacilli with additional food to grow.

Adding it to water is only advisable if the animals drink the water within 2-3 hours. Several studies have shown that the longer lactobacilli remain in water, the higher the mortality rate of the live microbes.

Another option for administering it is to simply dust the feed with Ac-i-prim. The simplest and most effective method is to give a well-balanced mix of feed and Ac-i-prim into a plastic bag and shake it vigorously.  Although some of the bacteria substance will be lost, there is often no other option. Ac-i-prim cannot be overdosed, as excess bacteria will simply be excreted. Lactobacilli cease to grow of their own accord if the   pH level in the intestines is below a certain level.

To prepare animals for breeding, administer Ac-i-prim for at least 14 days. To improve egg quality, Ac-i-prim can also be administered for the entire laying period.

Young animals receive Ac-i-prim for a minimum of 14 days from the first day on. But it can easily be given for a longer period.


Ac-i-prim dosage:

Preferably administer Ac-i-prim with the entire day’s feed.

The dose is approx. 3 g/kg feed (= 1 rounded macro-measuring spoon) depending on the age of the animals.

The packages include measuring spoons for dosing.

Macro measuring spoon in the 120 g and 40 g Ac-i-prim-packages, rounded (= 3.0 g) for approx. 30-40 animals per day.

Micro measuring spoon in the 40 g and 13 g Ac-i-prim-package, rounded (= 0.3 g) for 3-5 animals per day.

Micro measuring spoon in the 18 g Ac-i-prim-package, rounded (= 0.3 g) for 3-5 animals per day.

The 40 g Ac-i-prim-package contains one micro- and one macro measuring spoon.

Storing Ac-i-prim:

re-scha® continues to favour storage in freezer conditions, at least negative 18° Celsius. The lactobacilli can remain viable in these conditions for years. And of course the Ac-i-prim product is also stored in these
freezer conditions at re-scha® before it is shipped. Temporary refrigerated storage (approx. 4° C-6° C) of 12 months and at room temperature (approx. 20° C – 22° C) for 6 months is possible. Please also note the
product label.

This product information is intended as a guide for using Ac-i-prim correctly. re-scha® will gladly provide detailed information about specific applications.

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