Liquid nutrition supplement for caged birds, carrier pigeons, terrarium animals, small rodents and rabbits Panta-20 contains a variable and well-balanced spectrum of valuable amino acids and vitamins for optimal condition and a strong immune system. More information
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The metabolism needs the amino acids alanin, arginin, aspartic acid, cystein, glutamic acid, glycin, isoleucin, histidin, leucin, lysin, methionin, phenylalanin, prolin, serin, threonin, tryptophan, and valin in high concentrations. They do not only contribute to an optimum conditioning but support the immune system. Today it is well known that the amino acids cystein, glutamic acid, glycin and methionin play a most prominent role in the constitution of the immune system supporting the synthesis of antibodies and immune globulins. The glutamic acid has a key function in the stimulation of the body’s hormone system. Panta-20 contains raw products full of these amino acids.

In the nutrition of birds there is an additional need for B-vitamins. These vitamins have an important function in the release, activation and utilisation of nutrition energy with a direct impact on the carbohydrate and protein metabolism. They also contribute to the synthesis of the red blood cells (erythrocytes, e.g. vitamin B12).

Inosit is substance very similar to vitamins of the B-group. It can be found in muscles and is important for muscle growth („muscle nutrition“). It also has a function in the transport and metabolism of fatty acids. Inosit increases the release of oxygen to the peripheral tissue and improves the nourishment of tissues. Even a depressant activity is presumed.

Not only inosit but also carnitine is important for the transport of fatty acids. It leads the fatty acids to the place of decomposition. Carnitine supports the synthesis of glucose via the amino acids leucin, isoleucin and valin. Many biochemical processes need the direct or indirect support of carnitine. Even an immune stimulating function is discussed.

Dosage form and application

With the drinking water: 1- max. 3 ml/l drinking water.
You better clean the drinking trough daily when Panta-20 is added to the drinking water. Application of Panta-20 with the drinking water has been proved to be profitable with exotic birds, canaries, carduelides, forest birds und small parakeets as well as with birds being kept in flocks.

With the food (grain food, seed food, breeding food):
You should use the 100 ml bottle of Panta-20 with the spray nozzle for an accurate dosage. One lift extracts 0.1 ml of Panta-20 and is suitable for 1-3 birds/day. The „spray bottle“ of Panta-20 is especially practicable with parrots, big parakeets and single birds. For larger stocks we recommend the flask containing 300 ml of Panta-20 with jug and additionally the empty flask equipped with a spray nozzle (flask without contents, article # 3020) for cost reasons.

Breeding: During preparation phase (approx. 6 weeks before egg deposition) Panta-20 should be applied at minimum 2 times per week. The application of Panta-20 could be prolonged over the complete egg deposition phase. When applied for a longer period half of the normal dose of Panta-20 is sufficient. Do not apply Panta-20 during breed phase. Even directly after hatching of the young birds Panta-20 should not be applied. When the young animals are approx. 7 days old, Panta-20 application can be restarted 1-2 times per week.

Special advice: In order to enhance the willingness of  some parakeets for breed you can apply Panta-20 more frequently adding the double dose.

Young animals: Apply Panta-20 2 times per week for support of growth and the immune system.

Moult: Among other amino acids Panta-20 has a high concentration of the sulphur-containing amino acid methionin which is known to be important for a trouble-free change of the feathering and the production of an intact feather. During moult Panta-20 should be applied at minimum 2 times per week. When applied more than 2 times per week half of the proposed dose is sufficient.

Antibiotic treatment: Extended courses of treatment weaken the physical condition of the birds. Therefore Panta-20 should be applied for 2-3 days after an antibiotic treatment.

Before and after exhibitions: Panta 20 should be applied for 3-5 days.

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